Know your rights!

Historically, when projects close, the Housing Authority evicts as many residents as possible to avoid having to rehouse residents.

To avoid eviction, stay current on your rent and pay your rent on time.  There is no legal defense to non-payment of rent in Virginia.

Go to court, no matter what the Property Manager tells you!  Free legal help is available at Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia.

(757) 827-5078


Get involved in your local tenant association.

Go to NRHA meetings and get your voice heard.

Connect with your friends and neighbors and faith community about this issue.

Contact City Council:

Angelia Williams Graves, Super Ward 7
Ph: 757-237-0494

Paul R. Riddick, Ward 4
Ph: 757-664-4268

Please consider signing up for the Norfolk Public Housing Outcomes Survey.

This will allow researchers to track what happens to specific families after the St. Paul's demolition plan is filed.  It gives us more information on how we can best help you, and it helps keep future families out of similar situations as well.